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Hello, I’m Angela Layton

I’m an artist based in the vibrant heart of San Francisco. 

I’m inspired by nature, the martini and snack cultures.

I specialize in miniature pottery that is a testament to the beauty of small spaces. Each piece from air plant pots to single stem vessels, is a hand thrown, delicately hand-painted work of art designed to hang or sit as a charming accent on any surface.

My collection also features matching treasure bowls that can compliment the pots or stand alone as individual pieces of art. 

My creations are more than just pottery; they are invitations to explore the intersection of art and life, to start a conversation, and to appreciate the beauty in the miniature. 

Perfect for those who cherish art that doesn’t demand space but instead, creates its own presence. 

Are you interested in carrying my collections in your home or store? 

Give me a call or send an email!